movie Keep Calm and Be a Superstar (2018) 1080p

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Title:Keep Calm and Be a Superstar
Duration:98 min
Country:China, Hong Kong
Genre:Action, Comedy
Director:Vincent Kok
Writer:Anselm Chan, Min Hun Fung, Vincent Kok, E.W.Y. Tang
Actors:Eason Chan, Ronghao Li, Yitong Li, Wilfred Lau
Summary:Keep Calm and Be a Superstar is a movie starring Eason Chan, Ronghao Li, and Yitong Li. ZHU from China, as a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema, has always dream of become a cop like in the movies, who unfortunately failed the fitness...


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Comments (4):

Ayaz AhmedLove the movie it great and most importantly it true it love it

Sam AdamsI watch it at the theatre Saturday it’s very nice I loooooooove it bad my money was well spent

Dog HighI swear I saw another movie like this...but in French.

Genvis MuçaI watched this tonight, speechless. I loved every single moment. I hope there’s a sequel, there must be.

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