movie Creatures of the Night (2018) 1080p

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Title:Creatures of the Night
Duration:15 min
Genre:Short, Comedy
Director:Jonpaul Rodriguez
Writer:Aaron Chung, Jonpaul Rodriguez
Actors:Ana Marie Calise, Tori Hendry, Laura W. Johnson
Summary:Creatures of the Night is a short starring Ana Marie Calise, Tori Hendry, and Laura W. Johnson. A deadbeat vampire discovers there's more to life than being undead when she manipulates an estranged friend into giving her a place to...


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Comments (6):

Montse FrantaGenial!

Imre NagyI watched the movie and i have to say WOW, it wasn’t like a normal movie it comes out all the time... it was something new and different. The Story is 20/10 the sounds and the effects 20/10 and the ending 30/10. I can hardly prefer! Very good job guys, we need more movies like this is.

Exit13 Projust watched it. Highly recommend.

Sarah FloydJust watched the movie. For anyone on the fence about watching it, watch it. Cried and laughed.

J KULoved it. Trailer doesn’t do it justice

Anyelly Lopezi liked

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